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We Are Individuals

Diversity and Social Responsibility

We believe in building a better future. It enriches us, and means we all have the opportunity to make an impact on a global scale. We believe in being ethical and responsible. We are also an organization built on diversity – our associates are a celebration of different views, different backgrounds, and different experiences.

Here, you have the opportunity to learn new skills, apply your expertise, and solve complex problems with cutting edge technologies and solutions. Working together, you will experience an environment thriving on innovative technology, individual support, training and social networking.

We champion people of all abilities, including neurodiversity, a concept that views neurological differences as any other human variation. We are always looking to strengthen our Unisys community as an inclusive workplace supporting persons with disabilities, minorities, and gender equality.
Peter Altabef
"Diversity at Unisys is a celebration and appreciation of the variety of people, talent, cultures, and wisdom that we are privileged to tap into for the betterment of the company, our clients and our associates."
​​​​​​​-Peter Altabef, Chair and CEO, Unisys

Social Responsibility

We encourage our associates to give back to our communities, helping make the world a safer, more secure place to live and work. This is where you can have a career in an environment where we do the right things the right way. Where we can all be better.

Working hard to keep the Earth safe and clean for future generations, we also actively participate in philanthropic activities, giving back to our surrounding communities and making a positive impact on enhancing the quality of life. Whether corporate giving, or the volunteer work performed by associates, we believe in better.
Diversity Report

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report 

An Inclusive Culture Welcomes Ideas and People

At Unisys, we understand the crucial role that inclusion and diversity play in our corporate life and within society. Fostering an inclusive culture that focuses on respect, positive ideas, and equal opportunity for all people is key to innovation and growth.
Jennifer Bazela
​​​​​​"Working at Unisys, I have the opportunity to interact with individuals from different backgrounds, and with different experiences which has given me insight to perspectives that help inform the work that we do every day. My leadership encourages healthy debate among the team, thus ensuring that we are making decisions that are best for the company. We hold each other accountable and work hard to drive positive results that lead to better outcomes for the clients we serve."
 -Jennifer Bazela, Office of the CISO, Unisys
Neurodiversity at Work

Neurodiversity at Work

Unisys’ Neurodiversity at Work Program leverages the unique abilities and perspectives of neurodivergent people. Our goal is to provide support to neurodivergent candidates during the hiring process so they can find rewarding careers at Unisys.
Our commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace includes the wide variety of opportunities for students, graduates, post-military, and experienced hires. 
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